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Analyst is delighted to announce that a themed collection based on the SPEC 2018 conference is open for submissions! This collection will be guest-edited by Organising Committee Chair Matthew J. Baker from the University of Strathclyde, UK.

Analyst is the home of premier fundamental discoveries, inventions and applications in the analytical and bioanalytical sciences. Unconfined by traditional discipline barriers, Analyst publishes analytical and bioanalytical research that reports premier fundamental discoveries and inventions, and the applications of those discoveries. Analyst aims to publish the best contemporary papers across a broad area of analytical science. This is reflected in the composition of the editorial and advisory boards. Analyst is proud to be one of the top primary journals in the JCR Analytical Chemistry category, with an expert team of associate editors to handle your work.

The Analyst SPEC2018 themed collection welcomes all delegates to submit their research to the journal. Papers can be based on oral or poster presentations to be given at SPEC2018, or on any other work that falls within the scope of both the journal and the conference. For more information on the journal scope, please visit our website. The submission deadline is the 1st July 2018. The collection will be published in late 2018 and will receive extensive promotion and high visibility within the analytical chemistry community.

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